My trip to Prague was wonderfully uneventful.  As I was checking in, I was quietly informed of major changes for the airlines brought about by their financial issues.  The fact that no other passenger was within “spitting distance “ probably explained why they are having issues.  As usual, Honza disrupted his busy day to pick me up and take me to lunch before delivering me to my accommodations.  Yes, he had the salad while I had the classic Czech dish.
As recently as a couple of weeks ago, I was frustrated that the trip was as back-end loaded as it turned out to be, but with the life disruptions of Irma I’m thankful it is.  Wednesday gave me a chance to catch my breath a bit and work on some lessons.
Thursday felt like a bit of a throw-back day.  I was able to spend a few hours with one of the first people we met and baptized here almost 30 years ago.  Though he is now internationally known as an economist and director of the World Bank, Filip is as warm and engaging as he was as a college student hanging out at our apartment.  His lovely wife was more than hospitable, and their younger child, who I had not seen before, and I bonded quickly.  It made for a pleasant and productive day.