Our late arrival in Prague assured a short night before the chance to gather with our spiritual family on Sunday.  None the less, an eager anticipation of seeing them put some spring into our steps as we walked the 10 minutes from our flat to the place the church here has met for several years.  Robert and his older son were setting up the chairs for the meeting when we arrived.  Shortly thereafter, Karel began to teach a class on Revelation 16.  The extent of preparation he put into it was evident throughout the class.

As I stood before the group to preach I was struck once again by how deep my bond is with those people.  I looked at my kids and realized I had known some of those brethren since we were the age of Elizabeth.  It was evident they were feeling the same emotions.  Robert was especially touched as he translated for Nathan leading one of our prayers.

After the assembly, the ladies gathered for a ladies’ class.  The young lady who taught the class has only been a Christian a short time, but by all accounts, did a superb job.  The men and children visited during the ladies’ class, and all enjoyed an American-style potluck.  Before we realized it, five hours had passed and it was time to bid farewell.