The train ride to Brno was wonderful.  I’ll share a couple of pictures.  The scenery was spectacular and I got a lot of work done.   Almost immediately upon arrival, a couple of old friends took me out to see their new office building.  It’s rewarding to see good people doing well.   I had just time to grab my stuff- including some glad communion cups I brought for the church in Brno before Jan picked me up to take me to his home.   His wonderful family is thriving.  Hana cooked a wonderful meal including village-grown lamb.   As great as that was, the study was even better.  Jan is a wonderful student who always has demanding, thought provoking questions.  We can speak freely and even disagree while maintaining the friendliest atmosphere.  As I walked back to the hotel, I was struck by the amazing work done on a nativity scene populated by large, hand-carved characters.