After a relatively quiet Friday, things got busy again today.  After an early afternoon discussion with a lady I have known for some time, I met with Biss for a couple of hours.  He is an amazing man.  After that, we had a group study followed by watching a video on evidences.  This was occasioned by my discussion with Biss yesterday.  After worship tomorrow a group of us will go out for lunch.  Dinyu told me tonight that we need to meet to talk tomorrow.  I am sure it is about his pending litigation.  Following this, Biss and I will go to meet with Draga.  After that, I have a meeting  with a young family from the same neighborhood.  Finally, we will meet for another group study tomorrow evening.

Now for a few pictures.  I have evidence that Biss  went into a Mcdonald’s today.  He actually suggested it.  Of special interest to me, firefighters came to our area to investigate smoke from a car.  On Friday, because of it’s special significance in Islam I went by the central mosque.  About 20% of the population of Bulgaria is

Muslim. Finally, when I went back to the old neighborhood yesterday to our friend there who is a dentist, I noticed the name recognition of Texas.